Self-owning property vs property management: which one works?

If you’ve never owned property, it can be a bit of a tantalizing idea since you’re actually profiting in many cases. But, what’s not factored in the landlord duties that come with this. It’s not as easy as you think, and it’s like shooting fish within a barrel, especially since it involves looking for tenants, chasing the rental payments that come with this, and addressing maintenance that comes with this.

If you are an investor or a buyer, you can either self-manage or appoint a third-party to help with this. So which choice should you make? The answer is that it really all depends on the investment circumstances, and here, I’ll outline the advantages and disadvantages of each.

For self-management, the best thing is that you save on the property management fees, and usually, since you’re the owner, you’ll manage it better than everyone. Self-managing this also gives you a better say on the tenants that you select.  You can evaluate the application forms and speak with the renters yourself.  Since it is yours too, you can go to extra lengths to ensure that it’s tenanted, and usually, if you have property managers, yours isn’t the top priority.

With property management, while it may not be advisable due to the extra costs, it can minimize the stress that you have and make your life easier. They also understand the ins and outs of the market, so they can help you find the optimal ROI for you, along with any market conditions that must be considered.

Usually, these property managers handle the tenants better without any issues on your end, and they handle property damage.  They also handle multiple properties, and usually, they have better deals on maintenance services, so you eliminate the need to outsource the labor every single time.  Usually, the good maintenance management bodes well for your bottom line.

There are cons to self-management though, and that’s what it isn’t easy, and it requires a lot of commitment on your part in order to ensure that everything is up to snuff, and you’re chasing down payments, ensuring that the tenants are taken care of, and inspections are done. You also may not have the up-to-date information that they have, and it may prevent you from making a correct decision and can involve legal implications. Property managers also have access to a wealth of other resources that can help with marketing the property, and it can ultimately impact your returns if you don’t have this.

Now, with property management, no matter how professional, there is that chance that the property manager may not manage it the way that you want it to be managed since they’re overseeing multiple properties. There is also the fact that you could end up with someone completely incompetent, or someone who is dishonest may overcharge for maintenance, and someone who may be trying to line their own pockets by taking money away.

There is also the question of hiring someone since it does take a cut from your income, and usually, it’s about 5-10% of the fees that you typically charge.  Some also may charge a placement fee for a new tenant that’s brought in, and sometimes, his can equal a month’s rent.  There is also the fact that other additional costs for maintenance must also be levied, so you need to make sure that you and the property management leader are on the same page before you get into an agreement with them.

At the end of it, you should really just measure all of the different options, choose for yourself what works best for you, and ultimately choose the option that you feel is right. Whether it be having someone that works for you, or handling it yourself, this was to show you all of the different pros and cons that come with this, and anything that you need to think about. You as a point breeze Real EsTAte investor do need to look at all of these different concerns and questions, and from there, choose the option that works best for you, and the one that you can truly benefit from no matter what happens.

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Best Bathroom Trends for You!

When you’re thinking of updating your bathroom, you might wonder what you can use to make it better. Well, this article will go over some of the best bathroom trends that have recently taken the world by storm and how to really update your bathroom to make it look best.

The fist, is faux wood flooring and faux panels.  If you want to have wood floors without the problems that water damage creates, these are for you. There are faux panels made of wood that you can use, and the best thing about these faux panels is that you can just lay them down, and then they’re right there. You can use these both on the floors and walls to really help revamp your bathroom.

Bathroom Trends

Integrated lighting is another type of bathroom hack that can really make a place look good.  You can see the lighting put in the vanity mirror as it is integrated.  It’s streamlined and there are pendant lights that can be put ever above or on the sides of the mirror.  This is a great way to have lighting that effective at the face level, which is typically a big issue for those that shave, pluck eyebrows and the light.  It can really make a bathroom not only look better, but the lighting will be prettier as well.

Bathroom Trends

An oversized sink is a good way to help with preventing water and other items from getting on the floor. These were typically popular back in the day, but since it’s starting to come back, these larger basins are easy to install, not too shabby in price, and you’ll be able to really get everything that you need completed done in no time.  Oversized sinks look cute and quaint as well.

If you want to try out a new sort of design, try a shower wall made of glass blocks. Yes, it does sound pretty out there, but it can really make a dramatic impact on your bathroom. These shower walls not only give it a natural feel, but it is cool to have something so open and pretty.

Bathroom Trends3

Finally, there are bold shower doors that you can install in your home. Often, showers are pretty plain, but they don’t always have to be.  If you get large, blackened shower doors made of steel, not only are they strong, but they can really look god. You can typically connect these to the room windows as well and even have them framed in the same way to create a bathroom that not only fits and looks great, but really does make a statement as well.

When it comes to a bathroom and making sure that you do get what you want out of it, these bathroom ideas can make it look even better. Try them out, see what you can do with it, and you might start to notice the impact this certainly creates in the bathroom that you have and are trying to liven up.


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Why Fire Rated Faux stone panels are Fiery and Amazing

For many of us, we want to have a fireplace that looks great, and it doesn’t break the bank. Unfortunately, most fireplaces run up to the thousands of dollars, and for many people, that just isn’t what they want to pay for a place. Some people might be willing to, but others, not so much. But, what if you had a means to create amazing fireplaces that can do the job for you? Well, fire rated faux stone panels are just that, for they can create the fireplace feel without the danger, and without the cost?

traditional style living room home interior decorating ideas for Tuscan Living Room Furniture Awesome Tuscan Living Room Furniture With regard to Inspire


Well, fire rated panels are first great because they are rated.  These are used specifically for heat sources. The material is synthetic, yes, but it is not flammable, meaning that it won’t burn the house down.  You can use these in order to create the fireplace, but without the danger that regular faux stone panels might have on the place.  These fire rated ones can allow you to finally reach that dream that you’ve wanted.

If you’ve ever had the dream of having fireplaces, but it’s been a fear that it’s a hazard to your home, well it’s time to think again, because this stone is authentic, but it is also rated. You will look at it and see that it looks just like the real thing.  Of course, unlike the real thing, while it might be raw and untouched, it is really expensive, and the labor and the other fees associated with this can sometimes take a long time.


Not only that, think of the installation time. Some of these fireplaces take days to install, sometimes even weeks if you have an intricate design. But, with faux stone paneling, you will be saving bank on the materials along with the labor, and you won’t have to take forever to install it. Most of these faux stone fireplaces take only a few hours to install, and it can be a good project for those hankering to do some afternoon DIY

With faux stone panels, you’re also getting high-quality polyurethane material.  It starts in a foam form, and then it comes from authentic stone. Once it dries up, this foam will contain the various details that the stone panel does, although it is faux stone.  It can then be used to match to the stone that you’re going for, and in a sense, it’s like almost seeing an exact replica. Really, most can’t tell the difference until the hold it, whereas the actual tone is heavy but the faux panels are lightweight, and it allows for easy installation.

Fire rated faux stone panels are the best, and they can give a person a great sense of accomplishment in designing a place for themselves.  Try this if you’re ready to create the fireplace of your dreams, and soon you’ll see exactly where this takes you and the benefits you’ll receive.


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Great Summer Decorating Tips

Some people like to redecorate because of a feeling they get. Other times, it’s because the seasons have changed. Often, people like to wait until summer to redecorate because it is warm out, and the sun typically makes people feel more inspirited. They want to create an inviting atmosphere just like how the warm summer weather does, and it gets them inspired to do projects.  Plus, there are many parties that happen, which can sometimes get the people to a person’s place, and sometimes the place might be outdated. However, there are ways to fix that, and this article will go over some awesome tips that can really make decorating the best.


The first is to add some color.  It’s summer, and sometimes a little bit of color can do a lot. This doesn’t always have to be a coat of paint either, but it can also be a new accent rug, some accessories, or pillows.  Often, neutral colors are the best and they can add a bit of an extra sort of undertone to your summer scene.

Then there are plants. Plants definitely not only help with the air by cleaning it, but they look great and are typically inexpensive and a great way to add a bit of a unique touch to it.  Not only that, they can also add color, because you can get the kind that really add to it.  Plants are a good option for this, because for many people, it not only helps make the home more breathable, but also makes it look good too.

faux stone panels

faux stone panels

Then there are faux panels.  These are great to really add faux tone to any sort of location. Faux stone panels are great for putting in texture and dimensions into a space without having to put in a ton of time and money into a home or anything of the sort. If you’re strapped for money and time, this is the way to go. Faux stone panels are also affordable and very easy to install on your own.  These also require almost no upkeep as well, which is great.  Faux panels are great to keep up because they are very durable, and they look great in your home from now and forevermore.  Faux panels are also great for accept walls, and it can make your living room feel more comfortable, make your bathroom feel like a spa, and even can be used to create a natural atmosphere in the kitchen.

Faux Panels

Then there is outdoor seating. The most important thing for your outdoors is good outdoor seating.  You want to have outdoor seating that is both pretty, and functional. Often, you can get your own set of furniture custom-made, or you can go to any sort of used goods place and get it for a killer price.

The summer is here, and you can jazz up your home in the best ways possible with these unique design tips that can help you spice up the summer.

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