Best Bathroom Trends for You!

When you’re thinking of updating your bathroom, you might wonder what you can use to make it better. Well, this article will go over some of the best bathroom trends that have recently taken the world by storm and how to really update your bathroom to make it look best.

The fist, is faux wood flooring and faux panels.  If you want to have wood floors without the problems that water damage creates, these are for you. There are faux panels made of wood that you can use, and the best thing about these faux panels is that you can just lay them down, and then they’re right there. You can use these both on the floors and walls to really help revamp your bathroom.

Bathroom Trends

Integrated lighting is another type of bathroom hack that can really make a place look good.  You can see the lighting put in the vanity mirror as it is integrated.  It’s streamlined and there are pendant lights that can be put ever above or on the sides of the mirror.  This is a great way to have lighting that effective at the face level, which is typically a big issue for those that shave, pluck eyebrows and the light.  It can really make a bathroom not only look better, but the lighting will be prettier as well.

Bathroom Trends

An oversized sink is a good way to help with preventing water and other items from getting on the floor. These were typically popular back in the day, but since it’s starting to come back, these larger basins are easy to install, not too shabby in price, and you’ll be able to really get everything that you need completed done in no time.  Oversized sinks look cute and quaint as well.

If you want to try out a new sort of design, try a shower wall made of glass blocks. Yes, it does sound pretty out there, but it can really make a dramatic impact on your bathroom. These shower walls not only give it a natural feel, but it is cool to have something so open and pretty.

Bathroom Trends3

Finally, there are bold shower doors that you can install in your home. Often, showers are pretty plain, but they don’t always have to be.  If you get large, blackened shower doors made of steel, not only are they strong, but they can really look god. You can typically connect these to the room windows as well and even have them framed in the same way to create a bathroom that not only fits and looks great, but really does make a statement as well.

When it comes to a bathroom and making sure that you do get what you want out of it, these bathroom ideas can make it look even better. Try them out, see what you can do with it, and you might start to notice the impact this certainly creates in the bathroom that you have and are trying to liven up.


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