Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Used Mobile Home for Residence

An investor seeking to buy a mobile home and resell it for profit is different from an individual who wants to buy the same home for permanent residence. Given that the manufactured home will be your primary residence for the foreseeable future, it is essential to search for a comfortable and safe home. This article will highlight some common mistakes that end users make when buying a used manufactured home as their residence.

Five Essential Tips Used Mobile Home Buyers Should Consider

  1. Knowledge of the Local Market

Understanding your local market is imperative to avoid confusion and being defrauded. In most cases, areas with high prices for conventional real estate homes may mean that manufactured homes’ prices are as well high. With that said, if your home market property prices are high, they may cause an increase in demand for mobile homes consequently increasing their prices. For you to purchase a used mobile home of your choice in such markets, you should act quickly.

Firstly, decide where you wish to live and then screen several mobile home communities getting relevant information from park managers. You should be able to know the average prices and average days on the market before these homes are sold. It is also advisable to try searching within the rural areas as prices and rent might be cheaper.

  1. Do Not Rush

Making financial decisions in haste is never a good idea. Experts argue that you take at least 90 days to search and negotiate for your preferred used home. Remember, this home will be your primary residence, and thus, your needs and family needs should be considered. Although 90 days seems to be long given that you might need to sell your current residence in order to pay for the new home, this should never be a reason to rush. The following tips might be helpful.

  • Seek accommodation from a friend or family until you buy a new mobile home.
  • Borrow money to buy the new house before selling your current residence.
  • Agree with the sellers to pay them after selling your current home.
  • Alternatively, you could sell your house and use the profits to buy a used home.

  1. Get Multiple Options

Before settling on your preferred choice, you should have multiple options to choose from. Search widely and purpose to get the best offers from the sellers of your preferred residence. Experts believe that making several offers to the sellers reduces the emotional attraction, which helps avoid overspending and confusion.

  1. Seek Professional Help

If you are not conversant with manufactured homes and their repairs, it is wise to hire professional manufactured homes inspector to advise you accordingly. Before hiring these inspectors, it is essential to do some background research. Find how experienced they are and how previous clients talk about them. Ensure you walk around with the inspector and ask them relevant questions.

  1. Know Your Value

When it comes to buying manufactured homes in, many buyers are less serious. As a serious buyer, understand that you are unique and highly valued. You can also consult professionals such as POint BREeze real estate. This means that your money is valuable and desired just like any other purchaser.

Lastly, if you don’t get the property you want during your search period, remember there are more opportunities in the future. Do not rush before purchasing a used mobile home. Remember, this might be your permanent residence for the next foreseeable future, and therefore, there should be no chance of making mistakes.


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