Real Estate Investment Without Cash

Real estate is a huge field of business that gives a lot of options and ways to invest the capital that can be used to generate huge amount of cash. There are several ways to invest in the real estate. These investments can be for short-term time to time profits or can also provide long-term cash-flow in the form of the rental properties. Down payment can be one of the reasons many people are not in the real estate investment business. This is not the case. Real estate is a huge market and it offers a lot of money without investing the personal funds. Such venture requires extensive efforts but the result is handsome cash anyone would want. It is not necessary to buy a house and rent it or to buy, renovate and flip it away. Real estate investment is not only about buying the real estate property but there is more to consider.

Investing without cash

Different strategies can be applied to invest in real estate without much cash. Initially one may start with a few hundred dollars spent on the business cards. It requires efforts and a few referrals.It may seem hard in the beginning, but it surely is worth trying. Such options include bird dogging, assignments, lease options, sandwich leases and back to back closings.

Bird Dogging
Bird dogs are very valuable in the real estate business. Investors can be those people who buy a property, renovate it and sell it away with significant profit. People can also buy properties that are made into rentals for consistent cash flow.  These real estate investing strategies can be very lucrative most of the times. One may choose a strategy considering their own temperament and the risk tolerance. Bird dogs bring offers that are ten to forty percent less cash consuming than what the buyers are originally offered. Bird dogs are more like wholesalers whose profit is generated between the buying and selling process. Such investors find homeowners who want to sell their properties but are unable due to the mortgage issues or foreclosures before being listed.

People who don’t have enough money to invest can try the assignments. For this successful venture there should be a buyer ready to purchase the property before the investor has entered a potential deal.  The buyer name on the contract will be of the original buyer. An easy profit can be generated through such deals. For this the investor can create a buyers list in which he has some potential buyers ready to buy a certain type of property.  As soon as such a buyer and the wanted property is found, a contract should be made where the original buyer has the rights. The buyer will not have to run around to find the property and with a little effort, the investor will get some cash in hand. It does not require the investor to pay from their pocket.

Back to back closings
To earn from back to back closings the investors needs to have a wholesale flip deal. The numbers should be run accurately leaving nice profit margin. The profit should be covering the fees as well. The money should be enough to reach the closing of the first deal and the closing of the second sale to the investor as well. A very short term loan known as the transactional funding can be applied to reach the first closing. The other deal should be scheduled on the same day or with a few days. The funding will be placed with company handling the first closing.

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