Choosing a Theme for Your Home

When purchasing a new house, many people go into decorating their home with a specific theme in mind, which is great. The thing is, that early period in owning the home is a very tiny portion of time in which you’re living in it, so it doesn’t account for all the stuff you accrue as you continue to live in that house.

What I’m getting at, basically, is that the theme you once were shooting for when decorating your home is likely long abandoned from the years of just having to work and everything around you in your house growing invisible to you.

That’s the time that you know an update is needed. You need to return to the theme you once chose or seek implementing a new one. No, not every single item in your abode needs to fit perfectly under the theme you’re looking for, but having some main fixtures in each room makes it easier to stick to the setting you’re going for.

Here a few common themes to shoot for with some examples of things that can be staples in your house for each theme.


While wood isn’t necessarily a theme, it’s a material that can tie so many things together. A lot of people love having wooden dinner tables or wooden dressers and bed frames, so if you choose to use wood in certain rooms in your house, make sure to match the wood or contrast it sharply. Having shades of wood that are kind of similar but not can really throw off the vibe of a room.


Rustic is all the craze nowadays where I’m from. From old tin antiques to tattered barnwood signs, you’re sure to know what this theme looks like when pulled off well. Oftentimes, you’ll see a lot of faux sticks adorning the rusted looking pieces of metal that go in rustic-themed houses, as distressed wood is accentuates the rust-colored metal quite well.


I’d have to say this is my theme of choice. Natural differs from rustic in that a house with a natural theme has more plants, earthy colors, and even dirt/soil looking things. Muted wood, autumn colors, and minimalistic metal is the key here. The wood you do use in a natural-themed house shouldn’t be finished or glossy but rather simplistic and reminiscent of wooded areas. Greys, browns, and mossy greens abound in a natural theme.